Law - Types of Lawyers.

Knowledge on how to get the right attorney can be of great help to you in case you are in a legal crisis. Even if you might not have broken the law, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with this so that you can get protection from other citizens who might violate your rights. Having such basic knowledge will help you make sound decisions in case of a crisis.Read more about  Types of Lawyers at    michael grieco  . There are different types of lawyers. 
Admiralty lawyers. 
These are also known as the marine lawyers. Admiralty law governs all vessels regardless of the ocean they are sailing in. It covers oil pollution issues, shipping regulations, cargo disputes, international trade, and other problems that might arise in the freight. An Admiralty lawyer can represent your interests in case you have any of the above issues.
Aviation lawyers
This lawyer represents their clients in cases involving the safety of air traffic. 
Bankruptcy lawyers
Bankruptcy is when an individual applies for debt relief. Bankruptcy law gives someone a fresh financial start from debts that are burdensome. Some lawyers specifically specialize in this type of law and represent their clients in bankruptcy cases. 
Civil lawyers. 
 Civil lawyers deal with cases about all the civil rights of a citizen. They include the right to vote, freedom from slavery, freedom of speech and press, the right to fair treatment in a public place, and many other civil rights. 
Consumer lawyers. 
These lawyers cover cases on all the malpractices done by business persons. These might include complaints about misleading adverts and unlawful business practices that end up harming a customer. 
Corporate lawyers.
The corporate law governs all corporations.Read more about  Types of Lawyers at  . This includes the creation, the organization, and the dissolution of a business. A corporate lawyer can guide you through all the corporate matter and represent your interests when a need arises. 
Criminal lawyers.
A crime is an act of violation or an omission of an act that a public law forbids or commands. This law covers all crimes in the state. The best person to represent you in such a case is a criminal lawyer. 
Employment lawyers.
Employment lawyers deal with cases relating to the relationship of the employer with the employee
Immigration lawyers.
Immigration law focuses on the rights, duties, and obligations of an alien. An immigration lawyer helps a client through all immigration procedures and also safeguards their interests when there is the need. 
Injury lawyers. 
Injury lawyers can represent you in case you have been injured as a result of somebody else's negligence.
Family lawyers.
These are also referred to as divorce lawyers. Divorce or family lawyers represent people who have spousal legal issues.Learn more from