Necessity of Law in the Society

The survival of the different individual in the society is paramount. Justice and harmony are necessary for ensuring that there are mutual understanding and proper living in the community.Read more about  Types of Lawyers at  more info  . It is due to such reasons that law has been put there. It provides that the bullying few among many faces the law. Due to the consequences of the law, many fears living a life which is contrary to the law. Due to such worries, many end up obeying the law thus making it a better place for many. Many enjoy the privilege of protection against violence. It ensures that those violating the law suffer a punishment.
The law also aids in ensuring that people respect the rights of others. Consider a world where there is no law. Some of the rich fellows could be using their muscles in gaining more material things. They would be looking for cheap labor to ensure that their businesses are learning at a low cost. The existence of law ensures that there is a standard way of compensating the workers. Through unions and activists, the rights of workers are fought for and the best possible pay advocated for them. 
The law is essential in protecting the less fortunate in the society. Consider a situation where employers are allowed to use children as a source of labor. Such signs show a nation without a future.Read more about  Types of Lawyers at  Grieco Law Center  . The law comes in to ensure this rarely happens. By protecting the minors from employment, it provides that they are in school making a foundation of their future life. It is through this that there can be a civil society in future. A society that is likely to be enlightened more than the current one, since the world keeps on changing. The protection ensures that the dreams of some young people are not killed.
The law advocates for equality in the society. It tries to ensure that the public resources are shared equally among the citizens or by different regions. It also takes a hand in protecting the public resources. Through this, every citizen should gain a sense of belonging to their country. It is due to this that cartels and goons who can embezzle public resources will face the law. The law is, therefore, a good tool which should not have discrimination. It should be for the good of all. It should not be a tool of instilling fear to people who do not deserve it.Learn more from